Dijaliza Mali Lošinj

        Dom zdravlja PGŽ  - Ispostava Mali Lošinj              

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 "The Dialysis Center of Mali Losinj offers all a patient needs. Friendly and professionell working medical staff, modern equipment and hygienic treatment. Holidays and Dialysis at Mali Lošinj is a perfect combination."


The Dialysis Centre is opened during the whole year and disposes of 7 dialysis vacancies.

Work with patients is carried out in the morning and afternoon shifts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is possible to choose between:

  • Classic hemodialysis
  • On-line hemodiafiltration

The equipment used for the dialysis is Fresenius 4008 S and 5008S. In use are high and low flux dialysis filters Fresenius FX series.

The treatment supervision is carried out by an internist doctor along with another doctor. The nurses are specifically trained in dialysis treatment.

In case of complications patients are transferred to the Clinical Medical Centre Rijeka (KBC Rijeka)